7 DIY Methods for Removing Car Dents

7 DIY Methods for Removing Car Dents

7 DIY Methods for Removing Car Dents

It is almost impossible to not get a dent on two on your car while you use it. Dents are really upsetting to see, especially on your first car. One thing about them is the high cost of removing them. This is the major reason a lot of people are very careful not to dent their cars at all. But, the chances of denting your car are way higher than the chances of not denting it.

In this article, we’ll share seven DIY methods to remove dents from your cars. On ReviewsBird.com, you’ll find amazing customer reviews on these methods from those who have used them in the past. They are highly effective. You don’t always have to visit the mechanic’s and spend lots of money in removing the dents! Below are seven DIY methods for removing car dents.

1. The Dry Ice Method:

Dry ice has other functions besides being a very good cooling agent. Dry ice can help you take out small dents on your car by simply spraying it on the surface of the dent. You spray and rub in continuously until the dent pops out. You have to carry this out with thick gloves of course.

2. The Dolly and Hammer Method:

This pair has always been known for removing dents effectively. Though they’re more efficient when the other side of the dent is accessible. You start by placing a dolly on the surface of the dent and hammering it out with a hammer. We advise that you get a dolly that is of a similar shape to the dent for better results. Also, the size of the dolly and hammer to be used depends on the size of the dent.

3. The Hot Water Method:

Hot water works wonders on dented bumpers. You can remove a dent from your bumper by pouring hot water on it and pushing out the dent. The hot water softens the bumper. The plastics used in making bumpers are usually very hard thermosets. You can as well remove the bumper and pour the hot water in it and remove the dent. When you’re done, you pour cold water on the bumper to help it eliminate the expansion caused by the hot water. Afterwards, you fix it back to your car.

4. The Hair Dryer and Compressed Air Method:

You position the hairdryer towards the surface of the dent to heat it up. This heat makes it softer and easier for the dent to be removed. When the dent becomes hard to touch, you spray the compressed hair to it. This method is very effective.

5. The Force Method:

This dent removal method can be carried out with bare hands. All you have to do is push out the dent with the required amount of force. This method is for just the small dents.

6. The Plunger Method:

It is a cup plunger that you use for this one. You just have to pour water over the dent and push the plunger in an upwards and downwards motion until the dent is removed.

7. Dent Removal Kit:

There are a variety of dent removal kits that you could use in the market. They come with usage instructions to make it easier for you.

Final Notes

We hope these DIY methods help you save money as you remove your car dents by yourself. Yes, your car can be debt-free again!

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