4 Ways to Improve Your Measures

4 Ways to Improve Your Measures

4 Ways to Improve Your Measures

The digital age has improved the efficiency and accuracy of many company operations, but it has also made it incredibly easy for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. Data security has grown to be one of the most important needs of your business.  In addition to bringing network security services Little Rock AR experts to your firm, there are few other steps you can take to enhance your data security.

Expand Security to the Data

Many companies focus on setting a security perimeter with firewall technology. Hackers and cyberterrorists have found ways around these firewalls, so a more effective defense includes a focus on the data itself.

Watch for Inside Threats

It is easy to focus on the attacks from outside the organization, but companies are increasingly finding that the primary threats come from within. Insider attacks are often the hardest to prevent or detect since it could come from an employee that innocently clicks on an email attachment containing a virus. Ransomware and malware are some of the most costly security breaches to address.

Always Use Encryptions

Mobile devices and personal computers or tablets are becoming more prevalent in the workforce. Despite how convenient it may be for your employees, these are easy to hack or siphon data from. Always use data encryptions for storage and migration of information between company devices and personal ones.

Use Professional Insight

Your IT team may tell your everything is locked down tight, but you should always bring in a professional company to check your security measures. A security audit can reveal weaknesses you didn’t know you had and not just in the software. You will probably spot a few sticky notes with passwords when walking around your employees’ desks.

Any data breach can create devastating problems for your company. Not only will your customers lose trust in your operations, but you could be spending thousands or millions on reparations.

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