The Fun and Interesting Facts About Insurance You Never Knew

The Fun and Interesting Facts About Insurance You Never Knew

The Fun and Interesting Facts About Insurance You Never Knew

Nobody really ever wants to talk about the captive insurance industry at happy hour. Insurance is considered a necessary evil by most people, like death and taxes. However, you might be surprised to know that some facts might be useful ammunition for a competitive night of trivia.

You Can Insure Your Body Parts

Legendary Kiss bassist, co-lead singer and co-founder Gene Simmons insured his tongue for $1 million. Heidi Klum, famous Victoria’s Secret model and television host, has her legs insured for $2 million. Actress America Ferrara’s smile is insured for $10 million. But David Beckham takes the cake: his face and legs are insured for $195 million.

Baseball Has a Heart

The San Diego Padres have resigned a player for 23 years, even though he has not been able to play since he was 20 years old. Matt LaChapa has been signed to a minor league team each year since he had a heart attack while warming up to play. LaChappa, who uses a wheelchair, would lose his insurance coverage without the angel contract. Who says there’s no crying in baseball?

Apollo 11 Astronauts Were Not Insured

The famous Apollo 11 mission that put the first human on the moon is notable for another reason. The astronauts who risked their lives for the mission did not have life insurance. Since they weren’t eligible for life insurance while in space, the astronauts signed hundreds of posters each for their families to sell if they died.

Lloyd’s of London Insured the Loch Ness Monster

Well, this is sort of true. The whiskey company Cutty Sark offered £1 million or the equivalent of $2.4 million to anyone who could bring them the Loch Ness Monster. Lloyd’s of London underwrote the offer.

Now, if you are ever in a game show that challenges you to come up with an interesting fact about insurance, you have several to choose from. Even insurance can be interesting at times.

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