Holster Tips for Women Who Conceal Carry

Holster Tips for Women Who Conceal Carry

Holster Tips for Women Who Conceal Carry

Whether you are new at concealed carry or you have carried a handgun for years, you may be looking for a new holster that is comfortable and makes carrying easier every day. However, women and men have different considerations when purchasing a holster due to their body shapes and sizes.


Women and men have different strengths, and their strengths are often located in different areas of the body. Some holsters may put women at a disadvantage because they do not have the strength to easily draw their weapons from these holsters, consider purchasing concealed carry holsters for women. Holsters made for women will account for these differences.

Hand Size

Not only will hand size be used to determine the weapon you choose, but you should also consider your hand size when you purchase your holsters. You want to be able to securely grip your handgun before you pull it from your holster to prevent misfiring.

Body Shape

Determine your carry position and hold based on your body shape. For example, women tend to have smaller waists and wider hips than men. In addition, the distance between women’s hips and armpit is typically much smaller.

This means that although men may find it comfortable to carry at the waist, your weapon and holster may dig into your hips or ribs as you stand, move and sit, making carrying uncomfortable, and a shoulder holster may look bulky. Your comfort and ability to conceal your weapon will be determining factors in whether you carry or not.


Your wardrobe will also be a determinant in the type of holster you purchase. For example, if you prefer dresses and skirts, an ankle holster will be easily visible. In addition, tight shirts or pants will reveal waist and shoulder holsters. Therefore, you should have a few holsters to wear with different outfits.

After you have chosen one or a few holsters, consider practicing your draw and firing your weapon with each holster and in different outfits.

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