6 Grocery Shopping Tips to Improve Your Experience

6 Grocery Shopping Tips to Improve Your Experience

6 Grocery Shopping Tips to Improve Your Experience

Although no one really wants to, everyone needs to grocery shop. Why not make it less unbearable with some tips to help get you through the process?

  1. Create a List

Too many times you get home from the food shopping only to discover that you forgot the one thing you actually needed. Avoid this debacle and write a list before heading out to the store. Check your fridge and pantry before taking pen to paper. Additionally, mentally plan out several dinners and remember to include the ingredients you’ll need to make them.

  1. Always Check Your Cart

Always check your shopping cart wheels before selecting a cart. There’s nothing more frustrating than weaving through the aisles of a crowded store with wheels that pull to one side. Give your cart a quick check before getting too far into the store.

  1. Avoid Peak and Post-Peak Times

Sunday mornings and early afternoons are often peak times at grocery stores. While shopping during those timeframes presents its own stressors, shopping afterward often means only finding produce well past its prime. Whenever possible, avoid food stores on Sundays altogether. Additionally, try not to shop on Monday mornings before shops have had time to replenish their stock.

  1. Look for the Freshest Produce

If you want your fruits and veggies to have a longer shelf life, grab them from the back of the bunch whenever possible. This same rule of thumb extends to dairy and eggs as well. Take that extra moment to move aside a few items and prevent the frustration that comes with wasting food and money.

  1. Check the Sales Ads

Before making your list, check the sales ad pages to see if you can save on any of the items you need. When a particular food is marked down, take advantage and stock up if it is a non-perishable or freezable grocery.

  1. Help the Bagger

Although it may be your inclination to leave bagging to the professionals, it can actually be to your benefit to assist in the process. This way, you can keep heavy items on the bottom and ensure your eggs and bread are bagged separately from anything that could squish them.

Grocery shopping is essential, but it does not have to be a nightmare. Keep in mind that you should write a list, check your cart, avoid peak and post-peak shopping times, find the freshest produce, check sales ads and help the bagger. This should provide you with a smoother shopping experience.

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