What is a black diamond?

When most people think of diamonds, they think of glittering clear stones cut to reflect and refract as much light as possible; however, as the demand for unconventional and distinctive engagement rings has grown, so has the popularity of diamonds in different colours.

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Range of sources

Some people wonder whether there is such a thing as a black diamond, but it definitely exists. It can come from different sources; therefore, if you were looking to buy one, you would want to know the difference between a natural black diamond, a black diamond that has been treated, and a black diamond that is manmade. An article in the Guardian discusses the advances in the manmade diamond market.


When you ask what a black diamond is, a range of people may supply a range of answers. Generally, a natural black diamond is distinct from other coloured gems as it gets its colour from impurities, such as carbon and graphite, that are incorporated into the stone as it is formed.

A treated black diamond is usually an unexceptional white diamond that has been heated or irradiated to change its colour. A more accurate name for this might be a black coloured diamond or even a colourless diamond that has been treated. The manmade variety is essentially grown in a laboratory and some people may not consider this to be a real diamond. It can be coloured while it is being created.

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Diamonds are the gem of choice for an engagement ring. If you are thinking about getting married, you might want to find out more about diamond engagement rings and it pays to do some research. One way of learning more about diamond engagement rings is to visit a site such as Compare The Diamond online diamond engagement rings, where a large range of rings are displayed and you can get some idea of the variety and cost.

If buying a black diamond, you want to choose a reputable dealer that will be honest with you about what kind of diamond you are looking at. Even diamonds created in a laboratory are not cheap, so you want to be sure you are getting what you pay for.

Black diamonds are very beautiful, will last forever, and are well worth the efforts spent to track down quality stones.

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