What happens to your body when you have diabetes?

Diabetes is a slow poison for the human body. Increase in blood sugar levels from diabetes may invite the several other health issues. When peoples are suffer from diabetes, the body is not able to make the require insulin for the body or not able to use it, as result the blood sugar level is going to high.  Blood sugar is the main source of power for the human body. Peoples get it from the food we eat.  But taking medicines, make changes in lifestyle and daily exercise maintain the blood sugar level in body.

The high blood sugar level or increase in sugar level creates several health problems in human body. High blood sugar level damage the blood vessels in kidney. As result kidney is not able to filtering the waste out of the blood. A research says, diabetes is mainly responsible for kidney diseases in simple words, kidney may stop working or also called kidney failure. Kidney is a important part of the body so without kidney, your can’t be alive. You need to transplant a kidney. You may get other symptoms of kidney diseases like nausea, vomiting, swelling in ankle, feet, too much or not enough urine passed. Dialysis is also a treatment for kidney. So you should control your diabetes to prevent from kidney failure.

Vision: Eyes are a gift of god to the humans. Without eyes, the human life is not possible. Blurry vision is the first sign of diabetes. You may get loose your vision as the fluids spread in the lens of the eye and the shape of lens will change and vision get blurry. Cataracts are also develops from diabetes. The white clouding on the lens in eye makes the vision. Cataracts are more common in diabetic patients. Cataracts will develop gradually in eye and require a surgery. If you want to keep your eyes healthy you have to control your diabetes, use sun glasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, quit smoking. Intake vitamin c in your meals. You must include yearly eye check up. You must eat fruits, vegetables in your regular diet.

Hypertension: Hypertension also known as high blood pressure is found in diabetic patient. Hypertension is usally do not have any symptoms but it increases the heart attack chances in human body. It simply means that the blood vessels contains fat and blood is not able to run freely in veins to the heart. Normal blood pressure of a human body is 120/80. If you are having this range then you blood pressure is normal but the range more than 120/80 is known as systolic pressure. You have to change your lifesyle to maintain the normal range of blood pressure. You must control your sugar level and you must adopt daily exercise/walking in your life. It will control your blood pressure and sugar level. If you are not able to control the blood pressure then you must talk to your doctor and they will prescribe the medicines for you. There are several medicines available in market.

Feet: Diabetic people may often get the feet problems. This is happen when sugar level is not controlled. Mainly there are two types of foot problems. Diabetic neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. Diabetes make changes in blood vessels. The fatty deposits block the vessels near by heart and brain. It will reduce the blood flow in feet and in result, it will create pain in feet, slower the healing, infections etc. These also having some symptoms and its vary person to person. This will include          red streaks, fever, rednes etc. The both feet problems are very serious and needs speical attention, this will include ulcers in foot, bone infections. Diabetec patients must followup with their doctors as their regular checkups. Whether, patients must visit their doctors if they find changes in foot colour, swelling in foot, infections. Then the doctor will suggest you the treatment which may be dressing of wounds, immobilization or removal of dead tissues etc.

Lack of Energy: When you suffer from the diabetes, then you feel lazy. Lack of energy is the most common problem with the diabetic patients. High level of sugar in blood makes slowing the supply of blood, so the cells do not have the sufficient oxygen and nutrients. Low sugar level also responsible for lack of energy as the cells do not get the required nutrients and body feel tired. So, you must do physical exercise daily to avoid these problems cause by the diabetes. In simple words, if you are missing your meals then you will not get energy, and body will feel tired, lazy. You must follow healthy lifestyle or do physical exercise as it can also develp several other diseases as well.

As now, you all are aware with the risk of diabetes for our body, so you must follow the healthy lifestyle to prevent from diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease and you can win slowly from it. You have to do daily physical exercise, do not miss the meals, taking healthy food, drink lots of water, do your routine checkups, then your diabetes is still not controlled, then you can go for medicines after getting prescribed it from doctors. Lots of medicines are available in market. But you have to follow strict lifestyle as you have to controlled your diabetes, because the diabetes will develop other diseases as well like heart attack, kidney stroke etc. If you will not controlled your diabetes, it will damage your body parts. So its better to keep it controlled in initial stage, so you can get rid of all future problems cause by the diabetes. Around 50-60% of the total population is suffered from the diabetes which is not a good sign for future. If you are suffering from diabetes then there are more chances that your family members will also diagnose the diabetes in later age. Now its the good time to make your daily routine if you diagnose the diabetes, if not, then you can also do physical exercise as it good to take precautions as well.

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