What Goes Into Commercial and Industrial Site Development?

A commercial building project, from start to finish involves a tremendous amount of planning and expertise in each stage of development. Below are a few of the details that civil engineers handle to help bring the project to life.

Land Clearing and Leveling

Planning the construction of a large commercial or industrial business begins with a site that may need clearing of rocks, trees, old buildings, and other obstacles in the way of new construction. Areas to erect the buildings, driveways and parking areas will need soil leveling. The foundation has to have a level surface for installation. Soil testing helps determine the right spot to place buildings, parking lots, and other important structural parts of the business.

Gravel or Paved Driveways and Parking Lots

The addition of gravel or paved driveways and parking lots can happen before erecting the actual buildings. It can include adding curbs, ramps and entrance/exit features. It makes access to the site easier for bringing necessary building materials for building construction.

Utility Construction

Planning and implementation of freshwater access, sewage pipes, drainage pipes, natural gas, and stormwater drainage is a critical part of ensuring the commercial property will have the necessary utilities installed to function well. It is essential to place many of these structures and pipes in place before constructing the buildings. It leads the way for the remainder of the project to run smoothly.

Drainage Concerns

Drainage is one of the largest concerns for a business, especially if they are working with chemicals and equipment that are sensitive to flood damage. The need for maintaining a property free of flooding demands the design of a system that can adequately handle the movement of water away from the business whether it is dry or raining.

Lighting and Landscaping

Civil engineering firms provide designs and solid plans that can envision the finished project. Experience makes it easier to know exactly where to place outdoor lighting and how to develop landscaping that is both functional and appealing. You may see a bare piece of property to start, but the civil engineer can see the entire project as it will look once completed.

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