Using the Right Materials for Your Packaging

When you own a business that sends products or equipment to your customers, it is important that you pack the items you are sending so that they are secure and arrive at their destination in good shape. You don’t want your customers to be unhappy with anything you send because it arrived broken or incorrect. Careful planning on how to package materials is essential to how the item will be received by your clients. Quality boxes and packaging tape should be used at all times so that they do not get opened and lost in shipping. 

Where to Find Materials for Shipping Purposes

One of the best ways for you to find the right materials for shipping packages, is to search the internet for companies that supply them. Many of these companies will give discounts for bulk sales and if you know the approximate number of items you will need to ship, this savings can be quite significant. Since boxes will come in a wide variety of weights, you should look to purchase the ones that will be appropriate for your shipping needs. Articles of clothing will need lighter weight boxes, while heavy equipment will need to heaviest weights, they have available. Not only is it important that the box fit the items that are placed inside, but the packaging tape used to close the boxes is equally important. Clear packaging tape is good for smaller items and any vinyl packaging tape is excellent for large pieces. 

Estimating the Amount of Materials, You Will Need

In order to determine the number of boxes and tape that you will need for your companies shipping department can be very confusing. However, it will be much easier if you take the number of items you have on hand and assume each one will ship separately. Take that number and then divide it by one quarter. This amount should be good for you to keep on hand at any given time. You can order more supplies as they are needed. Using a good company that will deliver them to you quickly is essential. Some of them will have online websites where you can make your purchases easily and shipping is usually much quicker this way. If you find that over time, the formula you used to estimate your needs is insufficient to what you actually do need, make adjustments accordingly. 

It is never an easy thing to know what you will need at any given time when you own a business. Some businesses are more productive at certain times of the year and therefore, will require more shipping materials over the times when business is slower. Taking all of this into your budgetary needs will also allow you to have the cash on hand at peak times when you will be purchasing more. It may also be a good idea for you to have one person in the shipping department that handles all of your resupply orders. In this way, you will avoid any unnecessary purchases.

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