Three of 2018’s biggest cold storage trends

Whether you run a small business serving the local community or a nationwide restaurant chain with many branches, there are new developments in the industry that will affect you. These involve everything from how food is transported to the way in which it is stored.

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Food trends

Food is fast becoming a fashion statement, with healthy, fresh and vibrant dishes very much in vogue. Supermarkets are having to meet the demand by storing a wider range of convenience food that meets with their customers’ expectations; therefore, they need to make sure they have the appropriate storage facilities.

2017 saw a rise in the number of Korean dishes being produced in the UK; this year, an even more diverse range of foods has been hitting the high street shelves and appearing on menus up and down the country. Dishes inspired by middle-eastern traditions and authentic and ethically-sourced produce are becoming more and more popular. Many of these dishes require fresh fruit and vegetables, which need to be stored in temperature-controlled facilities to ensure maximum freshness when ordering in large quantities.

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Food is big business, whether eating out or cooking at home. This is proved by the popularity of the TV shows featuring both professional and amateur cooks that are regularly on our screens. A recent article in the Independent discussed the trends to look out for in 2019, including a rise in vegan and alternative meat dishes.

Cold storage

When choosing cold storage for your business, it is important to invest in the right unit. In this way, you will reduce waste, improve quality and allow for expansion opportunities, with specialists such as having a range of commercial cold rooms from which to choose. The latest technology means produce can be transported and stored at the correct temperature at all times, maximising shelf life and protecting quality.

Food safety

In addition to ensuring freshness, meeting food safety guidelines and regulations is essential for any business working in the food industry. In 2020, new gas regulation changes are being introduced to ensure produce is stored in facilities that meet the increasing need for better environmental standards. This means that now is a great time to plan and prepare for the future of your business, including investing in suitable food storage facilities.

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