These Will Be 5 of the Biggest Interior Trends for 2019

The end of the year is fast approaching. So what will be the biggest interior trends for 2019? Will cool greys win the day or are we ready to add colour to our lives? Here are five of the top trends that will influence your living space in the year to come.

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Back to Nature

Bye-bye neutral grey, hello rich and earthy tones. Terracotta, burnt orange, greens and warm beige will all make us feel at home. Spiced Honey, a kind of rich salted caramel tone, will be one of the colours of the year. If you dare to bare, then the best-dressed homes will be wearing nude shades next year that are designed to create a really relaxing and soothing ambiance in the home.

Embrace Your Curves

Curves will be everywhere, most obviously in comfortable sofas with organic and curvilinear backs and chairs that feature scallop-shell back rests. You’ll also see the trend in mermaid-scale tiles for the bathroom in funky shades of aqua and green. For the bedroom your curves come in splashy florals with chintz making a big comeback.

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Wood Is Back

Keying into the homely natural trend, wood is on-trend for everything from your kitchens to your double glazing units. Wood is both strong and sustainable when responsibly sourced and brings the natural look into the heart of the home. Don’t worry if you’re looking for double glazing in Gloucester and prefer low-maintenance uPVC – white is still the preferred colour for crisp and clean interiors. Want to key into the ongoing industrial look? Ask a reputable firm like for their colour chart and pick a dark brown or dramatic black.

Pack a Punch with Foliage

Small and compact succulents are so last year. 2019 is all about creating glamour with plants and exploring textures and shapes. Pair your potted palms with carved wooden or terracotta pots to add some earthy naturalness.

Paint It Green

Greens will be everywhere this year in a range of tones from jewel bright to fresh and subtle. We loved Pantone’s Greenery, but this year’s greens are much less forthright and much easier to live with. Add pops of emerald to your living room or paint your bedroom walls with a lovely sage green to create the ultimate oasis of calm.

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