The unique coloured fur of a Russian Blue cat

Much like other old cat breeds the origins of the Russian Blue has been lost in the midst of time with some believing they were the pets of Russian Tsar’s and others placing their origin in the Northwest of Russia and as a wild cat were hunted for their fur. The answers may not ever be discovered what is known about the cats is that they have uniquely coloured fur that is incredibly dense helping them to cope with the sub-freezing temperatures that occur in Russia. It is thought that their appearance in American and here in the UK came from sailors arriving in the Russian port of Arkhangelsk and bring the cats back with them. The name Arkhangelsk translates to ‘Archangel’ in English which was another name for this breed of cat – the Archangel Blue.

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The world’s first national cat show took place in London’s Crystal Palace is and is where some of the more exotic breeds such as the Siamese and the Russian Blue were first showcased. They were described by spectators at the event as “a very handsome cat, particularly furry. They resemble mostly the common wild grey rabbit.” Although the cat breed did not win any prizes their display had caught the eye of some of the upper classes here in the UK. They are very popular breeds still today and have the perfect look to have their images on Cat Lap trays like the ones you can find at

The numbers of Russian Blue Cats dwindled during the second world war as the breeders no longer had the resources available to them to keep the breeding these beautiful animals. This was the case for many pure breed animals during the war and post war years. Following on from the war the breed was re-established but there were very few pure Russian Blue’s as some had been bred with other cats including Siamese to produce a different style of the original true cat breed.

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You will often find this cat breed as pets in family’s as they are incredibly loving creatures but can be shy at first and with people that they don’t know. They are very loyal to their owners and extremely affectionate as well as having a playful nature making them great pets for children of all ages. Whether you are looking for a cat that like to curl up on your lap or one that will play around with a ball a string the Russian Blue is a great cat for all.

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