Losing Instagram Followers? 5 Magical Ways To Stop This!

Are you still losing Instagram followers by proceeding up with new trends, effort, and energy? Spending a lot of the time on Instagram but still, the followers are not sticking to your account? That’s a bad news. Instagrammers should give proper attention to their account. They should double-check their methods and manners on Instagram. A reason for losing followers maybe because the followers they get are not genuine ones. The decrease in the count of the followers is a disheartening situation which would doubt the owner that why he or she has adopted Instagram to promote their brand to the world.

It’s time to make sure that is everything going ok or not. You should confirm it that your followers should be genuine. The real Instagram followers will always stick to your account. They will stick to your account and will visit regularly. There may be other things and points which require your full attention. The promotion of a brand on social media platform is not as easy as it looks likes. You have to fully surrender your time to the improvements and adjustment.

If you are suffering the loss in Instagram followers than you should give a read to the 5 magical ways which will help you in administering with this problem.

  1.     Complete your Instagram Profile:

As according to Forbes, you are only blessed with the seven seconds before making your first expression. And the first expression defines it all. So whenever a new bee visits your account, your account’s first expression let them stay or else they will leave immediately. Forgiving a good impression to other, do changes and make your account look presentable. Complete all of the details about your brand which would represent you and your business clearly. The details include;

  •         Your Instagram profile image
  •         Profile name
  •         Complete bio with proper description
  •         And URL.
  1.     Always follow the users which appear on the suggested list:

People who come in the suggested list are chosen by Instagram, depending on the people you follow, the post you have likes before or on your contacts. This gives you a better chance you get new followers because there would be something in common between you and them. It also helps you find the audience which is of your type and niche. People always ask about that how they will come across the good suggested list. There are two to find the suggested users on Instagram.

  •         By discovering new people
  •         By visiting different profiles which you enjoy visiting.
  1.     Concentrate on making attractive visual contents:

Instagram is famous because of the amazing visual contents on it. People get attracted easily by the beautiful images and videos on Instagram. But before designing your Instagram strategies and posting details, you should work on a percentage of content available. This will help you in concentrating directly on the designed work. You would then just need to create the creation tool to ensure the best quality of the images.

  1.     Post at the best time:

The timing of posting your work has a lot of influence in getting more followers. Studies have found that 2 am, 8 to 9 am and 5 pm are the best times to post on Instagram. Depending on the days, Monday and Thursday and often Sunday’s are accepted to be the best days to post.

  1.     Tag the other relevant accounts you know:

Another technique to get your name out is by mentioning the other accounts in your posts. This will make you appear in more and more accounts and people will start following you. Always use this technique of tagging and watch its magic.

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