Gift giving is big business

We are fast approaching the time of year when people are dashing around the shops buying presents for their loved ones. If you have young children, you are probably repeatedly telling them that Father Christmas is watching to see whether they have been naughty or nice, whilst you try to remember who else you need to buy gifts for before you contact a Same Day Courier Manchester firm to deliver your items throughout the UK. I like to think of the Manchester Same Day Courier as my own personal Christmas delivery service.

Gift giving has been traditional for both Christmas and birthdays as well as on other occasions for many years There are some interesting facts relating to gifts and here are a few for you to have a look at.

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Who gives the best gifts?

A recent, fun study found out that mums give the best gifts to their children which is unsurprising as they should be one of the people who know you the best. Equally daughters are thought to give the best gifts to their parents, probably because they have enjoyed the delights of many a shopping trip with their mothers and have learnt from them. Taking the top spot for best gift giving is wives and husbands to each other with 25 percent of men saying their wives bought the, the best gifts and 22% of women stating that their husbands picked the best items for them.

A little bit of luxury

It has long been thought that women enjoy a little bit of luxury during the festive period and that many women will often buy themselves a little something whilst they are shopping for all the Christmas gifts. In actual fact the same survey as above found that over 30 percent of men said that treating themselves to something a bit luxurious during the holidays made their festive season all the more special with 18 percent also stating that receiving a Christmas bonus from work added some extra cheer to their Christmas. Around 11% of women also felt this way about an end of year bonus.

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What sort of gifts do you give?

The type of gift that you give someone will depend very much on your relationship with them and whether you have decided to partake in a Christmas tradition at work like Secret Santa. It is thought that around 40 percent of people think of themselves as practical gift givers, with 22 percent preferring to opt for something sentimental and 19 percent opting for something a bit quirky. Women were reportedly the ones who felt that they were in the practical gift giving bracket.

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