Five Motor Trade Insurance Claim Tips

If you work in the vehicle trade industry, you will know that accidents can happen. Whether you sell, repair or valet vehicles, there are some things you should know before you make a claim. Here are some tips for if you need to make a claim on your motor insurance.

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Report It

The first thing you should do is to report any accident to your insurance company with as much information as possible. This means obtaining the other party’s details is important. Write down their name, address, phone number and the make, model and registration plate of the vehicle. This makes the entire claims process much simpler.

If a vehicle is the cause of an accident but does not stop at the scene, documenting as much information as possible is essential. Providing that it is reported within the correct timescales, steps will be taken to identify the motorist in order to successfully claim.

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Document It

In addition to obtaining information, you should try to document it yourself. Take photographs if possible to show the damage and positioning of the vehicles involved in the accident. Ensure that you note down the date and time that the photos were taken. If there are any witnesses, you can also ask for their details, particularly if you were not at fault, so they can corroborate your story.


If the accident involves an employees or a member of the public making a claim, you will need to get together a list of documents to provide to your insurance company. This may include a record of employee training, details of any protective clothing they were wearing, risk assessments and a copy of your accident book. Once again, witness statements and photographs are useful if you are able to obtain them safely.

A standard insurance company may not be able to deal with accidents such as these adequately, which is why being covered by motor trade insurance is essential in this industry. If you are looking for a good deal, look into sites such as Quotemetoday, who can advise on the cost and level of cover that you and your business requires.

Limit Correspondence

If an accident has occurred, you must try to only provide essential details to the other party. At no point should you admit liability, as this can affect the claim.

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