Cookies With Love

Instead of giving chocolate or lollipops for Valentine’s Day, make sweet treats for a cookie basket. Sugar cookie dough is the best kind to use for this type of gift because you can easily decorate them and add details for the holiday season. When you make holiday cookie baskets for Valentine’s Day, try to find a container that’s red or pink. You could also put the cookies on a platter, wrapping it in cellophane to match the color of the cookies.

Instead of round cookies, cut hearts out of the sugar cookie dough. Decorate them with red, white, and pink icing with another color along the edge of each cookie. Decorations that you can use on the cookies include scalloped edges or polka dots. Add a small amount of rose water to the cookie dough for a delightful flavor and aroma. You can also dye the cookies pink to match the flavor. Create a tie-dye design with the frosting on the cookies by swirling pink and red food coloring in white icing.

If you want to make your cookies look like a Valentine, then use red velvet cake mix with a bit of sugar and milk. When the cookies have cooled, put a white chocolate heart on top of each one. Make a bouquet using Valentine’s cookies by wrapping them in cellophane and gluing the wrapped cookies to craft sticks. Put the craft sticks in a foam block that you place in a basket or a beautiful vase. Arrange the cookies so that they look like a flower bouquet. Small round sugar cookies can be designed to look like conversation hearts by writing letters and words on the cookies with decorating gel. You can never go wrong with chocolate. Add peanut butter to the cookies that you make for a delicious treat, or put a chocolate heart inside peanut butter cookies.

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