Celebs drive tanks to launch Forces Radio BFBS

Celebrities have been taking part in a series of military style skills tests to help launch a new radio show. TV presenter, Jenni Falconer, Georgia Steel from the reality TV show, Love Island, and former England captain, Stuart Pearce, all took part in the challenging experience last month.

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The event took place in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and involved putting the celebrities through their paces via a series of tests aimed at giving them the skills needed to qualify as tank drivers for the British Military. The celebrities competed against each other to see who performed best and were also individually assessed.

The show

he programme was recorded and produced for On Track, a music and military programme for the new forces radio station, BFBS, which was launched on October 30th. The station, which is available to listeners via DAB+ as well as other popular listening platforms, aims to provide entertainment and news for those with an interest in the military. The show gave listeners an insight into how the three celebrities got on, including whether they passed or failed.

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One of the tests involved navigating their way around The Abbot Course in sinking mud, with sudden drops, while being interviewed by the Forces Radio BFBS presenters.

Some of the other tasks that the celebrities had to undertake included wading through murky rivers, demonstrating the incredible skills needed to navigate tanks in difficult circumstances. The celebrities also battled the clock to move through deep water using the Lance Armoured Vehicle.

Anyone wishing to experience similar adrenaline-fuelled tank driving days can do so with companies such as armourgeddon.co.uk/tank-driving-experience.

One of the biggest challenges of the day was where the celebrities had to ensure they got the perfect equilibrium to pass the Knife Edge challenge, which involved balancing their tank on a small ledge, requiring extreme concentration.

Armed Forces support

The public support for the Armed Forces is as strong as ever and this year saw thousands of people gathered at The Tower of London to honour all those killed in the First World War.

The Armistice centenary has coincided with the launch of the radio station on DAB+, and by bringing together celebrities and the Armed Forces, programmes such as this demonstrate the skills and determination required and expected by the military every single day.

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