How to Use the Correct Blender

In this all-easy time, we are spoiled with tools that make our lives easier. The tool includes a food processing tool called a blenders under 100. The main function of the blender is to destroy and mix foodstuffs to make it smoother.

But until now, there are still many people who do not understand how to use the right blender, for that,

Here is how to use the correct blender that can be followed:

First look at the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use it so we better understand then just start using this blender.

The capacity of the blender will greatly affect the blender result and also the overly hard material will further damage the blender even though the blender is also designed to destroy the hard material.

Place the bowl on the blender machine with the dead blender position and the open saucer position.

Then enter the … Read the rest

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