A New Year Celebration with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

On December 31st, the congregation of Christ Embassy gathered in California to welcome in the New Year. It would be a celebration of many things, chief among them the love of Jesus Christ. Christ Embassy, the megachurch also known as LoveWorld Incorporated, is a global network of churches with millions of members. Headquartered in Lagos, the church group was founded by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in 1987. This year’s celebration was a culmination of everything the network has become. The celebration was a vibrant display of color, talent, and achievement marking another successful year of spreading the word of God. The thousands in attendance responded with excitement as every host and performer arrived on the stage.

The celebration began with a rousing tribute to the Lord as the massive crowd sang songs of praise. Finally, Pastor Chris appeared to greet the crowd and recap the past years accomplishments. 2017 had been an exciting time for the church with every showing more growth among its network of churches. This year saw the mass distribution of over 1.3 billion copies of Rhapsody of Realities in 900 languages. Rhapsody of Realities is a daily devotional bible-study guide designed to teach and strengthen the message of Christ for believers and non-believers alike. LoveWorld Inc. has attempted to distribute the best-selling devotional worldwide in every language possible. LoveWorld has also helped millions of children through its Inner-City Mission program, as well as its Healing School program. The megachurch also saw much growth through T.V., radio, and internet programs. Its International School of Ministry also trained thousands of new ministers this year who will go on to spread the word throughout 2018. The recap was bookended by singing the Believers LoveWorld Incorporation’s anthem. For all those attending live, or through the reach of television and the internet, it was obvious that God is behind LoveWorld as it continues to touch the world around it.

Following the recap was a brief award show. Recipients of the Future African Leaders Award, or FALA, were invited onto the stage to be recognized for their many accomplishments. Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu was the recipient of the largest award. Overwhelmed by the honor and prestige of the award, as well as the presence of Pastor Chris himself, she fell to her knees brimming with excitement.

The FALA awards ended with a performance from two current Gospel artists. Martin PK sang his recent single, Beautiful Jesus, which won the LIMA song of the year in 2017. He was followed by recording gospel artist Sinach. On an evening truncated with numerous song and dance performances, these two artists songs stood out.

The event ended on a high note with a message of hope from Pastor Chris. On a high note, the founder of Christ Embassy thanked the Lord, proclaiming his sovereignty and love to the witnesses present. The Lord has truly blessed Christ Embassy, and his message of love and kindness has stretched further thanks to LoveWorld Inc. dedication. Pastor Chris honored God, praised the name of Jesus, and shared his hope for the coming year. He said that 2018 would be a year of doing things differently, and encouraged the congregation to do things differently as well.

Overall, the celebration was a complete success, and an excellent first step towards 2018. For the many faithful gathered under Pastor Chris and Christ Embassy 2018 looks to be a grand year of loving and sharing the father with the whole world. God is definitely with LoveWorld Inc., and millions the world over are excited to see what comes next.

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