5 Key Trends Influencing VoIP

VoIP has already established itself as the telecommunication system of the present and the future.

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It is regularly reported that businesses save an average of between 50 and 75 per cent on their telecoms by switching to VoIP. IT manufacturer Dell was able to save almost $40m and cut their carbon footprint by embracing the concept of telecommuting via VoIP.

So what are the key trends that are currently influencing VoIP and its adoption?

1. Security

Whilst they offer numerous benefits, VoIP telephony services are considered more vulnerable than traditional PSTN phone systems. This is why investment in security continues to be significant. Much of the investment is likely to be directed at encryption technology.

2. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

With the promise of widespread 5G coverage by 2020, many service providers are looking at the potential of offering mobile VoIP solutions to businesses. 5G will significantly reduce latency, which will result in faster, cleaner connections with call quality that is superior to that made on mobiles currently. A knock-on effect of this will be that more workers will be able to work from a remote base – thus reducing the amount of travel time and subsequently lessening carbon footprints.

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VoIP wholesale also offers numerous benefits and is becoming increasingly popular among both public and business sector representatives. If you are looking for professional assistance to help your organisation switch over to VoIP, why not take a look at the website of an expert provider such as idtexpress.com today?

3. Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is where voice, instant messaging, text, email and social are combined to make business communication more collaborative and connected in a single workflow. These systems appeal to those looking to increase agility and improve efficiency.

4. A Continued Move to the Cloud

The shift from on-site PBX systems to cloud-based ones will continue over the next few years. An increased focus on digital transformation means businesses are looking to modernise their communication platforms, and the cloud offers numerous options and benefits – without being restricted to a single location.

5. Greater Adoption Among SMBs

In the past, it has been larger organisations that have saved the most significant amounts by switching to VoIP. But now, due to cheaper technology and services, value to SMBs will skyrocket. Providers have also begun to build solutions tailored to SMBs.

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