Essential Opportunities for the Right Airport Transfer

Hidden fees, insurance not necessary, payment … Here are my tips to avoid the pitfalls during a car rental.

Car rental trip

 Here is an article on the pitfalls to avoid in car rental. It should be especially useful if this is the first time you rent a car.

The question of insurance

This is a question that comes up often. The renter will offer you his insurance every time. Should I take it? Am I already insured?

For civil liability, in general no need. By cons, if you travel to the US, it may be recommended to take the one proposed by the renter. Indeed, it should be known that in the USA, the ceiling of refund is low … so have a look at the

The renter will also offer you a multi-risk insurance. With a franchise or not.

What to take as insurance then?

First … Read the rest

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