How to Get Pixel UI on Any Android Smartphone

What would you do to get the Pixel phone UI on your android device? Install the pixel launcher maybe? But when you go on to the Play Store, you’ll see that the content is unavailable in India So what do you do now? Don’t worry we have got you covered Here's a quick guide on how the Pixel UI will look on your Android device First install a third-party launcher on your smartphone In our case, we've used the Nova Launcher Prime This launcher is one of the oldest and the best customisable skins for your smartphone You can download the free version but to get the complete control We recommend you to purchase the Prime version You can find Nova Launcher Prime in the Play Store for a price of Rs.

150 After installing the app, open the Nova Settings Go to Desktop and set the Desktop Grid to 5/4 You will also need to change the size of the icons Go to Icon Size and set it to 125 percent And make sure you select the font as condensed Go back now and select the Search Bar Style Scroll down and select the G logo below This is the exact same Google search bar used in the Pixel phones Now it's time to go back to the main menu Next, from the main Nova Settings page go to App & Widget drawers Over there, select the drawer app grid and set it to 5/5 Once again, select the icon size and set it to 115% Font will be set to condensed Go back and now turn off the "Card Background" And below turn on "Swipe to Open” Now a little below, select the accent colour, as we have After setting all this, go back to the main Nova Settings page Now it is time to set the dock Select Dock, and first go to Dock Background and set the shape to Rectangle.

In content, select colour and set it the same colour as we have Set the transparency to 75% The Dock Pages will be set to 1 Dock Icons will be set to 5 And again for this also set the icon size to 120% That’s it for here Next up, select Folders from the Main Settings page Set the Folder Preview to Grid And the background to N preview Transition animation will be set to Circle And the icon size for the folder apps will be set to 110% We are now just left with the look and feel of the skin Which you will find in the Main Settings page Select Icon Theme, and after that you're good to go You can get a 3rd party icon pack from the Play Store In our case, we are using the Pixel Icon Pack linked in the description below Finally, quit Nova Settings Say goodbye to your old Android overlay and welcome the new Pixel UI look on your smartphone.

Source: Youtube