How to Filter the BEST Apps on Googleplay

We always want the best for ourselves andit helps when retailers can point us in the right direction for the best products.

That's what the website version of Googleplayhas added to its app store and it works like this.

If I click on the apps tab you will see aload of random and popular applications, but if I do a particular search for apps throughthe keyword search (in this case baseball), it will display all the applications relatingto that keyword.

Now if I scroll down the list I can see afew three star apps.

Through sheer weight of numbers the rating system usually is quiteaccurate so I'm not interested in mediocre apps and I can now filter those out by selectingthe ratings option at the top of the screen and choosing 4 stars plus.

As you can see, that's refreshed the screenand removed a few lower rated apps.

Now, of course, you shouldn't follow the ratingsystem as gospel and it's often the case that the most popular, and therefore best apps,are listed at the top anyway so sometimes the filter system won't really change much(like in this example when I searched for soccer apps).

But it's a nice little additionand let's hope it migrates to the Android version of Googleplay where it's most likelyto be used.

Source: Youtube