Google Pixel Review: Worth It?

Com and today, I’m bringing you my final verdict on the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL smart phones.

So this is my full reviewafter using these devices for just about two full months.

After my last video, therewere some comments left asking me to report backafter I have used it for a longer period of time, so for those of you whorequested it, here it is.

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Now speaking of protection,the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are definitely phones you’regoing to want to protect.

The hardware is premiumwith a seamless glass and uni-body aluminum construction design.

The services are smooth and the curved edges are easy to grip but can feel slippery.

You also have that odd glass panel on back which I expect is thereto hide the camera bump.

That glass panel is alsowhere the Pixel imprint is.

That is the rear fingerprint reader which can also be used tocheck out new notifications.

Now the Pixel does not have my favorite physical appearance in the world, especially compared to a lot of the other smart phones out there.

It’s actually one of my least favorite, but it is very functional.

However, if you want to switch it up, you can do something likeput a dbrand skin on yours.

I put one on mine, as you see here.

Something that’s more in linewith my own personal style.

So here you see I have theorange skin here on my Pixel, which is my favorite color.

I’ll leave a link in the description below in case you want to find a dbrand skin for your phone that matches you.

Now that premium hardwareon the Pixel is matched up by internal specs thatare also top of the line, which is a departure from the Nexus line, which is always seen as being good, as far as a software goes, but always more of amid-range type of phone when you look at the hardware.

But now that Google isreleasing its own phone from both a hardware andsoftware perspective, things are a little different.

To add to a very vivid24-bit amulet display, that’s five inches on the Pixel and 5.

5 inches on the Pixel XL.

Google has also added aSnapdragon 821 chip set clocked at 2.

2 gigahertz under the hood for the whole Pixel line-up.

Now you combine that with latestversion of Android Nougat, which is 7.

1 ship and gear on a pixel, and you’ve got a phonethat flies through any task you throw at it, on a consistent basis.

Now speaking of Android, themajor software differentiator here on the Pixel devicesis the Google Assistant.

Now don’t get me wrong, it does ship with Android 7.

1Nougat, as I already stated, and you do get all thenew Android features like the new multi-taskingand that doze feature, something you find on otherAndroid smartphones as well.

However, the GoogleAssistant is unique here, at least when it comes tophones, to the Google Pixel.

Google Assistant is the voice assistant found on Pixel smartphones,and it really combines factual and conversational information into a very easy-to-use interface.

It’s new so it’s not flawless, but it’s definitely arefresh over Google Now found on all other Android devices, allowing you to getanswers, manage daily tasks, find photos easier, and more.

The Google Assistant is good today, and it will only get better with time.

Moving on, let’s talk about that camera because Google is veryexcited about the camera on its Pixel devices.

And they’re doing some interesting things, not only with the camera itself, but with the photos andvideos that that camera takes.


3 megapixels primary cameratakes some great pictures in daylight, as well as in the night.

I’m particularly happy with the HDR+ mode and fast shutter speed.

It also takes some verydetailed video at four K and stability looks good despite the fact that there’s no opticalimage stabilization.

However, when you’re taking the video, it does use electronic image stabilization so that’s definitely better than nothing.

The Lens Blur feature is really handy but it doesn’t work all the time, especially when the edges ofa subject are hard to find.

Similar story with the front camera, sporting eight megapixels and an F/2.

4 aperture with fixed focus.

You get great details in photos and it records video inup to 720p resolution.

Now Google has boastedabout the DxOMark rating of this smartphone, and that 89 score is the highest score forsmartphone camera in history.

However, it’s not a stat that I think really makesmuch of a difference.

You got a lot of flat-screensmartphones these days, all of them have amazing cameras, so what I will say about the Pixel camera is that it fits right in.

It can hold its own against the other great smartphonecameras out there and should be seen as one of the best.

That said, I would’vedefinitely liked to have seen optical image stabilization included here, or at least included on the Pixel XL, So, maybe next year.

But staying on that theme of photography, you use your camera tocapture memories and moments and Google has gone above and beyond as far as storing that media because they’re providingunlimited photo and video storage at full resolution in Google Photos for all photos taken witha Google Pixel smartphone.

So yes, if you own a Pixel, any photos you take, any video you take, including full resolution four K video is stored in the cloud, completely free at no additional cost.

That’s a total win for anyonewho takes a bunch of photos, selfies, and video becauseyou never have to worry about running out of space.

Amazon did this with their Fire phone, but of course, the Fire phone was a flop.

It failed pretty miserably and quickly, so really it’s only Googlewho’s doing this right now.

I’d love to see others do this.

Jump in and provide asimilar type of service.

Apple, I’m definitely looking at you.

And that’s really it guys.

After using the phonefor a couple of months, that is what sticks out to me the most.

It’s not so much about the internal specs and things like that.

It’s really about the everyday usage that I can get out of this phone and those are the thingsthat stick out to me as being top of the lineand worth mentioning.

So in my opinion, the GooglePixel is the right phone for the vast majority of Android users.

If you put this next to the iPhone seven or the iPhone seven plus, you really are comparingtwo great smartphones and you can’t go wrong with either one.

The other thing is theseare both mass-market devices and it’s more mass-market than some of the other Android phones.

In fact, I think it’s the Android phone with the most mass-market appeal.

That said, if you need somethingthat’s more customized, I’m talking about things like a dual-camera or wireless charging or a phone that’s waterproof, you’re going to have to look elsewhere, at least for this year.

But if you’re just looking for a great smartphone experience, the Google Pixel and Pixel XLare definitely worth a look.

But now I want to hear from you guys.

Did you pick up a new Google Pixel or a Google Pixel XL smartphone? If yes, what do you think of it? And if not, what smartphone do you use? Drop a comment below.

I’ll meet you down therefor further discussion.

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I’m Andru Edwards and I’ll catch you in the next video.

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