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Faraday Future's new electric car, for one.

The luxury vehicle is meant to blow all other electric cars out of the water, but does it deliver? And when will it be available to buy? Electric car startup Faraday Future debuted its first electric vehicle, dubbed the FF 91, at CES 2017.

The FF 91 has some.

Remarkable specs.

Consider a 130-kWh battery.

Big enough to give the car an EPA “adjusted” range of 378 miles.

Cruise at a steady 55 mph and range goes up to 482 miles.

There are three electric motors driving the AWD 91.

They are all 3-phase permanent magnet motors.

Combined output is listed as 1050 hp.

Zero to 60 is listed at 2.

39 seconds Autonomous driving is a large part of the FF 91.

It uses 30 sensors, including a retractable LiDAR system from around the car to enable a self-parking function where it can hunt around a parking lot not just take over after you've lined the car up The FF 91.

Goes into production in early 2018.

Advance reservations for the car — which insiders say will retail for about $180,000 — are being taken for $5,000.

Source: Youtube