12 Celebs Who Quit Social Media in 2016

Bom,a maioria de nós sabem a negatividade das redes sociais.

Celebrities seem to suffer negativity a thousand times worse, So this year, more than ever, celebrities are coming out of social networks for good reason. So now, let’s take a look at the 12 celebrities who came out of social networks this year.

Justin Bieber shocked the world when he left Instagram in August after haters criticized his relationship with Sophia Richie Biber posted several photos of him and Sophia before threatening fans to leave their Instagram private if they did not stop bullying No Final Justin has disabled his Instagram and we have no hope of him coming back anytime soon.

Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei gave time on Twitter after receiving racist comments from haters Other celebrities announced support for Normani’s decision and gave her advice.

She has now returned and fixed this tweet at the top of her page: “Normani Kordei & CyberSmile Come Together to End Cyberbullying #CyberSmileFicine Like her colleague, Lauren Jauregi also took a Twitter time for different reasons. It all started when Lauren tweeted about Kennedy Jill Stein and her followers did not like it very much.

After discussing with some “trolls” of the internet, she decided to stop using twitter.

Problem solved, she has now returned to using social networks.

In June, Demi Lovato left Instagram and Twitter with few explanations. Her small motive came as the result of several opinions she gave on some issues. It seems an invalid argument, however, it did not take long for her to go back to the two social networks in less Of 24 hours.

Azealia Banks posted a text on Facebook explaining that she would quit all social networks. “I’m tired of people’s feelings.

I’m tired of seeing your reactions and responses to everything.

I’m tired of having everything I say being monitored and I’m tired of telling me how I should behave. “She also concluded by saying: Legacy can not live and die on the Internet Since then she has stopped targeting the internet and is living Your life better than ever Leslie Jones took a Twitter time in July after her account was hacked and attacked by trolls on social networks Jones went to SNL and said that it would take a lot to get her down. Since then she has again used Your account and has focused on your work.

Haters, fall out.

In August, Selena Gomez decided to leave the networks and focus on her health after she began to feel the consequences of her Lupus disease, including anxiety and depression.

With over 100 million followers, Selena decided not to disable her account but she did not post anything for 3 months.

She returned on Thanksgiving with a black and white photo, written: “I have so much to thank this year, this year has been the most rewarding I finally fought the fight of” not enough “I just want to reflect the Love you have given me in years and show you when it is important to take care of YOU By grace through faith.

Kindness always wins.

I love you.

God bless you Chrissy Teigen made her accounts private after the CyberBullying she suffered for giving her opinion Chrissy is not shy when it comes to social networking and when a fan questioned her why her accounts were no longer public, Chrissy replied, “Yeah, Not strong enough. “But for the lucky fans who followed her before the decision, she’s back and we can enjoy every thought in her head.

After posting a series of texts on gun violence, Daisy Ridley of Star Wars, deactivated her Instagram then activated to tell her fans why and then turned it off for real. The reason was that she wanted to spend less time on her cell phone like everyone else We should do, but do not worry, she still has Facebook.

After the events of the presidential election, Halsey is one of the most recent to leave social networks. She posted a text on the Instagram after the elections saying, “Taking a while until I did not feel terrified because my words were distorted or because I was cursed For saying what I think.

I never wanted to shut up on my platforms, but I need a minute of silence.

“She also appreciated the messages of affection.

I very much respect Halsey for leaving for a short time, but we are very happy now that she has returned.

Another celebrity who also left the social networks without mentioning the reason was Kendall Jenner After posting a photo of his back with Jeans in the middle of November, Kendall left the networks without warning.

She went to Ellen to tell her why the reason.

“I just wanted to detoxify, I felt like I wanted some time, I’m always there and I feel.

I woke up in the morning and the first thing I did was look at her and when I slept it was the last thing.

I felt very dependent on it so I wanted to get out a bit of it. Shortly after she returned to Instagram and showed off her amazing skills with photography.

And finally, Kim Kardashian completes our list as the latest to give up social networks. After her horrific accident in Paris, the reality star has not been active in any of her accounts since October, but she hopes to return to social networks already That his empire was built through it Kim may not even post again as much as before, We’ll miss you and your selfies, Kim.

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