Apple IPHONE 7 PLUS vs Samsung GALAXY NOTE 7


Anyways, let’s begin! The Galaxy Note 7 is the next generation of Note 5.

Yeah, Samsung learned how to count with Microsoft.

It was even a better design.

It still having the glass and the aluminum borders.

On the other hand we have the iPhone 7 Plus, that didn’t change so much from the previous generation.

It has a bigger camera, lost a line of the antena bands and it comes in Black and Jetblack.


I mean black piano.

One of the mainly reason why the iPhone is heavier are the components of the 3D touch.

Even it is lighter than the iPhone 6S Plus, it still heavier than the Galaxy Note 7.

And you can notice the 20g difference when you hold both.

Even the Note 7 is smaller and lighter, it has a bigger and better display.

The Note comes with a 5.

7″ 2K AMOLED display, with the Always On technology.

While the iPhone has just 5.

5″ full HD retina display.

iPhone’s display is not bad, but when you compare it, Samsung’s display destroy it! Actually there is no comparison.

Samsung’s phone looks like a phone almost without borders.

and the few it has is curved as the glass, making the device very chammy! When we talk about performance we might think that Note will smash the iPhone again.

It has an Exynos 8-core processor with 4GB of RAM.

While the iPhone has an A10 quad-core chip with 3GB of RAM.

But iPhone’s A10 works pretty well! The A9 chip already beat the Note 7, so we couldn’t expect less from this one Also, the iPhone is able to reproduce more frames per second while you are playing, even if you reduced the Note’s screen resolution.

It doesn’t mean that the Note 7 is slow.

Actually it is very fast.

But for those who wants a phone for games the iPhone is a better choice because it is more optimized.

Both devices are huge, so they have a battery that impresses: the Note 7 has 3500mAh battery, and the iPhone has 2900mAh battery.

It was less “mAh” but the duration is not that different.

Both phones can be used during a whole day.

The Note 7 also has wireless and fast charging, things that we don’t find on the iPhone.

Each phone has very different features, but before talking about that, leave a thumbs up if you are enjoying this video! The Note7 has the Spen, that can be used to make notes, draws and GIFs.

Those features, even sound simple, can be very useful during the day.

But even if you are not planning to use, just the fact that you have this option is already nice! Also, the Note has the Always On Display, that shows you the clock and the notifications (almost) without wasting you battery.

The iPhone has the 3D touch, both on the display and the home button.

This feature has a lot of possibilities but Apple didn’t know how to use it good yet.

Now it basically creates shortcuts.

The home button don’t move, so it is almost indestructible! Both phones have great finger print readers, it is very hard to say witch one has it better.

Samsung bring the iris scan that is also very fast.

It can be very useful when you are holding the Spen or have your hands dirty.

Or if you are wearing gloves, and in this situation the iPhone’s home button will not even work.

So finally, let’s talk about the cameras! Note’s camera is the same of the Galaxy S7.

The rear camera has 12MP and the front camera has 5Mp.

The pictures are amazing mainly in low light.

BUT Apple made a good job.

The iPhone’s 7 Plus front camera has 7Mp and we find 2 lens of 12Mp on the back.

One of those are used to the optical zoom.

This means there is no lower resolution at 2x zoom.

And It can reach 10x zoom without losing too much resolutions as it used to be.

The front camera of Note7 is very cool, because it has a wide angle, what is very good for taking selfies.

iPhone’s one is sharper.

The automatically correction that Samsung make on the pictures can make them looks more attractive: higher contrast, sharper and more vibrant colors.

iPhone’s camera has a bigger innovation and take pictures that looks more like the real life.

So the better will depends on each one preference! To take low light pictures, the Note 7 still better.

iPhone doesn’t have the headphone jack, the Note has.

But the iPhone has better and stereo speakers, and the Note doesn’t.

Both are dust and water proof, but the Note has a better protection: iPhone is IP67 while Samsung’s phone is IP68.

Both phones are amazing! Note 7 has a great size and the best screen! Spen has some features that can helps a lot with daily productivity.

Also, all this matches more with the concept of a Phablet But if you don’t mind about those things, and you just want a big phone that works pretty good.

the iPhone 7 Plus should be your choice! Even because it doesn’t explode.

But Samsung is innovating more, and I wish I see more from Apple the next year.

I can’t wait to try both phone, but I think that the Note 7 impressed me a little but more.

[during the time I was editing this video Samsung canceled the Note 7 production and sales.]

Source: Youtube